Annaleece Jewelry began in early 2002 as a small Swarovski® crystal figurine distributor operating out of the owner’s home in San Diego, California. They were one of the first companies in the United States to introduce fashion jewelry to the gift industry with a focus on selling in gift and card shops. Until then, the majority of jewelry was either expensive fine jewelry, or low quality costume jewelry. Because of their high quality products, affordable pricing and classic designs, Annaleece quickly rose to be ranked among the top fashion jewelry manufacturers in that market and is now sold in over 2200 retail locations worldwide.

It has always been Annaleece’s mission to create the highest quality fashion jewelry using only the best components and hypo-allergenic materials. The use of crystals from Swarovski® is the most important feature of their line and puts them a cut above other fashion jewelry collections. Based in Austria, Swarovski® is the world’s leading producer of precision-cut crystal for fashion and shares Annaleece’s ambition for perfection.

In addition to providing excellent quality, Annaleece continually introduces fresh new styles to strengthen their line. Their jewelry designs cover a broad spectrum of styles suitable for women of all ages and focus on creating timeless elegance instead of seasonal fashion trends. This focus helps create distinction in the saturated jewelry market. Annaleece has always believed that although there is certainly a place for trendy jewelry, most women prefer wearing simple, classic designs for casual outfits and elegant statement designs for special occasions. And that is exactly what Annaleece represents, “Timeless Beauty and Classic Elegance.”


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